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Bannside Osteopathy- easing back pain and much more

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People often go to see an osteopath for back pain or neck pain however we help patients with much more.

Osteopaths can also help the ease the symptoms of:

> Aches and pains
> Joint pains that result from osteoarthritis
> Arthritic pain
> General acute and chronic back pain
> Headache arising from the neck
> Shoulder pain
> Lumbago and sciatica
> Muscle spasms
> Sports injuries and muscular tensions

Appointments for new patients last 40 minutes.

On your first appointment, a detailed case history and musculoskeletal examination will be carried out. This is to develop a fuller picture of a patient’s complaint and decide whether they are suitable for treatment. If osteopathic treatment is not suitable, an appropriate referral to other health care practitioners would be made.


Appointments for returning patients will last 40 minutes

These appointments are shorter because the case history taking is much quicker. Examination and treatment are focused on the areas of interest. It is common for more treatment to be administered during these appointments.

For more information on appointments visit the General Osteopathic Council’s website. To do this, click here.

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