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Donal O’Reilly our osteopath has twice been ‘Under 18 Longboard Surfing Champion’ of Ireland and previously ranked 3rd in Mens longboard surfing. This led him to develop a keen interest in sports injuries and improving sporting performance with rehabilitation exercises, and hands-on treatment of musculoskeletal aches and pains.

Donal graduated from the British School Of Osteopathy in 2013 with a masters qualification in osteopathy. As part of his undergraduate training, he spent two years treating patients in Europe’s largest osteopathic clinic and it’s specialist clinics.


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Under the direction of Robin Landsman, Donal treated a diverse range of athlete, ranging from the weekend warriors to semi professionals across a wide breadth of sports.
Pregnancy is associated with a dramatic change in posture and weight. Combine this with the hormonal effects which affect the musculoskeletal system and aches and pans can be quite common. Donal’s experience in the Expecting Mums’ clinic has given him a wider range of techniques that can be adapted to suit every stage of your pregnancy.
Donal spent two rounds of placement in different children’s clinics. This provided him with experience of two different styles of treatment methods, one primarily biomechanical and the other using predominantly a cranial osteopathic approach. This has given Donal the unique perspective of being able to use both approaches where required.
The Chapman clinic is a free service whereby students at the British School Of Osteopathy offer treatment to the homeless community of London Southbank area. Erratic and rough sleeping lifestyles have huge impacts on the body. Whilst the physical benefits that osteopathic treatment can offer is obvious its psychological and social interaction benefits were often most valued by those in the clinic. Donal’s style of treatment delivery aims to encompass the psychosocial aspects of well being as well as the physical.
The Chapman clinic provides free treatment to people who are HIV positive. Often the treatment for HIV can cause a wide range of physical effects. Developing a deep understanding of these effects and the medications causing them was what Donal took most away from his time treating patients in the Chapman clinic.

 After four years studying in London, Donal returned to Banbridge to set up his own osteopathic clinic: Bannside Osteopathy. He is a registered osteopath which is key when you choose your practitioner. To learn more about the registration process, click here

Planning Ahead

With one eye on the future, Donal plans to further his education by undertaking a Postgraduate Masters qualification in Pain Science and Practice at Queen’s University Belfast. Another of Donal’s ambitions is to become a tutor at an osteopathic college, following teaching experience gained at the BSO and in previous professions. During this time the  Bannside Osteopathy clinic will remain open and Donal will still be seeing patients.