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Here are some lovely things our patients have said about Donal our osteopath

Before I found Donal I had already tried physio, I’d tried a chiropractor and had pain relief but nothing seemed to be a long term fix. I was stiff and so sore. After my first session at Bannside I literally got in my car and cried cause I was so happy. I just felt completely normal. No pain, no stiffness and no worry – Donal explained everything, so for once i actually knew what was going on in my neck and back. He is so professional but at the same time makes you feel so comfortable.
It’s funny how something so similar to physiotherapy and chiropractic  can make such a huge difference. I just wish I’d found him sooner! I’m forever grateful. Thanks Donal.
Danielle L. (Portadown)

Really recommend this young gentleman. Why suffer if you have pain? Get yourself along. I am able to go for walks now without having to endure them. I can enjoy them once again. Thank you so much.
Cynthia B. (Waringstown, N.Ireland)

He does what he says on the tin, would highly recommend Donal. He’s very good at what he does, and and carries his work out in a very professional and kind way. I crawled into his clinic a number of months ago, and haven’t looked back since! Very grateful to you Donal. Kind Regards, Miriam
Miriam McAleavey (Banbridge/ Cork)

“My experience
I popped in at Christmas when I was back in Banbridge to see about a muscular shoulder pain that I had been suffering from for about 10 months.
I found:
– the examination rigorous & professional
– the process clearly explained
– the diagnosis scientific & logical
– and last but not least, the treatment & exercises very effective.
I have been back at work now for 2 weeks, doing the kind of activity that BEFORE Christmas would have flared up my shoulders to the point of painkillers and disturbed sleep, NOW I am perfectly fine, I am delighted.”
Stephen C (Northern Ireland/ London)

“Donal is a highly skilled and likeable Osteopath, I attended several sessions with him due to tendonitis in my elbow and knee. After several sessions, I felt significant improvements and am already back to my usual training because of him. If you are looking for someone who takes great pride in their work and delivers results, then Donal O’Reilly is the the perfect fit.”
Ashley F. (London) 

“I would never want to stand in your way of you going on to bigger and better things, but I sincerely wish that the treatment I have been receiving from you over the past 10 months could have continued for the next hundred years. It is, of course, due to the treatment itself;  but more importantly, how the treatment was administered that really made the difference with me.  I  feel that somehow you are  not only well educated, and very skilled; but that have a “God given talent,” that just comes naturally to you.  Also you have a rapport with me, and I am sure all your patients, that makes a sometimes painful treatment seem to be relaxing and enjoyable.  I am going to miss your personal treatment, but I know that you are destined to move on to big and better things and in that respect I am happy to testify to your excellent treatment; and above else I wish you all the best  in your future.  Thanks again for being so kind to me.”
Daniella P (London)